The Tshwane Interactive Digital Centre (IDC), the only one of its kind in Africa, has just completed a ground-breaking project for an established and renowned South African aviation industry player, AeroSud (Pty) Ltd.

Aerosud supplies integrated manufacturing solutions to the local and international aviation industry & focuses on high-end engineered and specialised low volume production programmes. Aerosud is the designer and manufacturer of components for the Airbus’s A400M military aircraft, including the wingtip.

A400M military aircraft wing tip 3D simulation

The IDC worked with Aerosud to create a simulation of the A400M military aircraft wing tip. The simulation allows the viewer to assemble and dis-assemble the wing tip components, and calling up technical information about this highly engineered component.

The wing tip simulation was developed specifically to run on one of the IDC’s Virtual reality platforms, the ZVR with EON Ibench Mobile Software, and was used recently at the annual Vision 2030 Summit in Johannesburg. This special VR system uses 3D glasses to give a natural immersive environment, and a stylus which allows the operator to experience six degrees of freedom when working with the simulation.

The IDC is proud to have successfully completed this project with Aerosud and looks forward to working closely with the aviation industry on future projects.